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Is Life happening TO you, FOR you or THROUGH you?

What is your perception of life? Is it happening to you, for you or through you? Each perception says something about how we experience our lives. For example, is life just something that happens? Is it a bit of a journey that you just have to follow, with good bits...


To me, vulnerability is beautiful. It rocks, it’s cool, it’s sexy. It is being courageous enough to show your soft underbelly, with the risk of being hurt. Vulnerability is strong. It breaks down walls and builds connection. Vulnerability requires trust, from the one...

I love to be undeniably me

Again and again, in my work, and also in my private life, I come across people who feel stuck, or overwhelmed, or really down, anxious and depressed. More often than not, I find that there is this deep belief of “not being good enough” underneath all of this. I think...

Be gentle, we are all under construction

We are complex creatures, us humans. Most times of the day, we have so much going on for us. Around us, in the wider world, and closer to us with our near and dear ones. It’s all information, coming to us, perceived and interpreted by us. Meanwhile we have all this...

Another beautiful short video on co-dependence by Tom: ... See MoreSee Less

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Pia Mellody on co-dependence:
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